6 Nuffield Road Workington Tel:+263 772 415264
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Workskill WATER engineers

Workskill Water Engineers aim to become the water solution centre for agricultural, industrial, and household use. We design and install irrigation and pump systems, to meet our customer needs or requirements.

Major Services

Drilling Rig

Borehole Drilling

Our drilling rigs have two truck arrangements, one for rig unit and second to carry the compressor. We also have a drill rig on a 5tonne truck which enables us to access and drill on small spaces which are no accessible to most drilling rigs. The rig has capacity to drill 6”-8” holes up to a depth of 200mt. We drill holes to last, using high penetration down the hole air hammers <<Read More>>

Capacity Testing

Borehole Capacity Testing

It is essential to have the yield of a borehole tested for numerous reasons:

(1) to establish the safe yield at which the borehole can safely be pumped

. (2) to determine the safe yield duty period that the borehole can be operated for indefinitely, without endangering the aquifer<<Read More>>.

Pump Installations

Pump Installations & Repairs

We have skilled and qualified workforce to do all kinds of installations, for a variety of applications and we offer a 1 year warranty on all our products which we install. Our installed submersible systems have direct pressure providing water on demand at 3–4bar into a network of new or existing pipe work <<Read More>>

About Us

Workskill Water Engineers

Workskill Enterprises (Pvt) Ltd t/a Workskill Water Engineers was established in Harare on the 17th of January 2007.

Our Head office and workshop is on

6 Nuffield Road, Workington, Harare

Sales branch is on

55 Coventry Road, Workington, Harare.

We do geological surveys for underground water, borehole drilling, borehole pump installations, water tanks, stands for water tanks, as well as supply of wide range of irrigation equipment. In our product portfolio we have submersible pumps, booster pumps, Type B bush pumps, pvc piping, hdpe piping, galvanised piping, pipe fittings, dripline and fittings, overhead sprinklers and pressure control systems


To provide effective, quality and fair value water supply solutions in Zimbabwe.


We intend to provide our customers with the best water engineering solutions by being the leader in quality delivery and innovative as well as expert methods of service provision.

Values Intergrity

we always try to do the right thing, honestly and obligingly to business law


we are all leaders in our area of responsibility, with as our obligation and objectives to deliver results using the strategies that eliminate barriers to desired starndards


We use effective methods of service and product delivery through the use of quality management systems


We have apassion to win and determined to be the best as well as acting like winners at the same time making sure our clients have won the best products.

Policy Statement

Our ethical principles are the values that set the ground rules for all that we do as employees of Workskill. As we seek to achieve responsible commercial success, we will be challenged to balance these principles against each other, always mindful of our promise to shareholders that we will achieve responsible commercial success.

Why Us

We are agents for the DAB brand, Pedrollo, KSB , T & A brands.In house workshop to engineer irrigation and plumbing components, components can be engineered to your specification.

We are quick to respond to all faults and maintenance.

We have personalised and hands on supervision on every site by our Drill Manager and Site Manager.

Each rig has well trained and knowledgeable team, comprising of an operator and a crew of assistants.

Some of these operators and assistants have over 10 years experience in the drilling industry. Added to this we also have a skilled team that carry out the pump installations and capacity testing after borehole drilling.


Nuffield Rd Shop Coventry Road Shop


Tank Stand Installations

Tanks & Stand Installations

Workskill stock water tanks from 250litres to 10 000 litres .We also install tank stands up to10 Metres.

Borehole flushing

Borehole Flushing

Workskill has the equipment to properly flushout mud ,debris from the borehole using compressed air technology.



In need of a plumber ? Workskill employs qualified plumbers for your plumbing requirements.

  • Skilled commited staff
  • Latest SITING Equipment
  • Enquire in store for more products
  • 1st class cUSTOMER CARE


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