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Overhead Irrigation utilizes large aperture nozzles that can throw water as far as 20 metres. The main advantage of overhead irrigation schemes is their capacity to irrigate large areas of land with very little capital outlay. However, the accuracy and uniformity of overhead irrigation is much less than other forms of irrigation. While it is the cheapest form of irrigation on initial setup, it is also the least efficient when it comes to water usage and the large droplets could damage certain crops. The use of overhead sprinklers is still highly effective and suitable in many instances. Therefore overhead sprinkler systems can be designed to be permanent or to have moveable spray lines which allow you to cover larger areas with less equipment. This method of irrigation requires water to be pumped under pressure and sprayed down onto the plants from spray nozzles. The spray nozzles may be mounted on an overhead network of aluminum pipes or even simply mounted on the top of a stake.


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